Book Review: Eghosa Imasuen’s ‘Fine Boys’

Writer: Eghosa Imasuen Year of Publication: 2011 Publisher: Kachifo Limited Number of pages: 350 Genre: Fiction I have learned, from experience, that people are drawn to a work of art by either how much they are entertained by it or by how much they relate to it. Eghosa Imasuen’s Fine Boys makes an attempt at […]

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Book Review: Chinelo Okparanta’s ‘Under The Udala Trees’

Writer: Chinelo Okparanta Year of Publication: 2015 Genre: Fiction The first part of Chinelo’s novel reminds you immediately of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s account of the civil war in ‘Half Of a Yellow Sun’. It is set in Ojoto in South Eastern Nigeria, and words like the bunker, Ojukjwu and the radio are constant features, as […]

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My Son is Coming Home

My son is coming home. Aunty Biodun, my mother’s sister is here. She is aged now, but still bothers to cook a meal she thinks he would like. Her grin summons the lines by her eyes to stretch like tired lanes when she says, ‘I know he will love it.’ I smile back a response, […]

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The matching faces of Ake.

Warning: This is a rant. Let me talk about Ake ’16 before we enter the New Year and people start looking at me wankain if I mention it in January. Me I dihnuh exactly enjoy it sha. I don’t know really. Maybe I’m just weird. Or maybe it’s because I came very late and was […]

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Paranoia | 3

By Santi Femi 6 Lagos. June, 2014 I don’t usually do this hanging out with strangers, she said as her gangly fingers animatedly shot towards him and back towards her. Emeka kept his gaze on her, steady. Is that your regal way of asking for an introduction? She smiled, and pulled a weave of hair […]

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Paranoia | 2

By Santi Femi 4 November 2010 It began one evening in Mbaduku when, as she settled on the boulder of rock she used to sit on just to get enough reception to power the internet, a friend request notification dropped and increased the number of pending friend requests to 214. At first she wanted to […]

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Paranoia | 1

By Santi Femi Every time she loved, she did not know it was love because it did not feel like love anymore. 1 Lagos; May 2014 This is not Facebook. This Twitter, ehn, you can be and yet not be to the rest of the world, Ngozi said to him when she convinced him to […]

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