Ten things all Nigerian fathers have in common.

I sneaked into the Nigerian Fathers’ Association (NFA) meeting the other day with an extra-large shirt, a fake mustache and paunch, and white patches in my hair. They couldn’t tell I wasn’t one of them, even you would not have been able to tell. So at the meeting, all Nigerian fathers gave reports and got […]

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Sho mo age mi ni?

I had a haircut. But you know this already. Well, unless you are new here, and if this is the case, you’re welcome *insert ear-to-ear grin here*. In fact, lemme do a brief introduction already, so my visitors won’t say I don’t have home training. *clears throat* So I’m Ife from a family of six, […]

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Miranda Bailey is…ME!

Hey there. It’s me again. Yeah, the one with the Grey’s Anatomy addiction. Yep, that one. As we speak, I am almost through with Season 6. I am dangerously close to Season 7. I am not sure my rehabilitation is working yet. I still badly need a handler. You have any recommendations, hit me up […]

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#TBT: My favorite childhood memories

So, in the spirit of #ThrowbackThursdays, I decided to go back in time to some of my best memories growing up. I grew up in J-town. That’s a fancy, ‘hip’ name for Jos. I don’t understand why there’s a hip name for every city; Lasgidi for Lagos, Croc City for Kaduna, A-BeeJay for Abuja, Eye-Bee for […]

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My children belong to me.

So I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy like a stupid alcohol addict. I know, I need AA meetings already. And maybe a handler. I’ll get to all that in due time, thanks for the love and concern. It all began when I attended the TV Writing Masterclass at the Lagos Film Academy a few weeks ago. So […]

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I don’t know my way

Let me make a quick confession. I don’t know my way. I mean, I know the way; Jesus is the way. Around life, I can’t say I know so much. Exactly a week ago, I got a pair of scissors and chopped off my hair of eleven years. Earlier today, I went to the barber’s […]

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Music that makes you cry

So it’s nearly 2am and I am working on my laptop, and all of a sudden, my eyes fill with water. I probably sound confused right now, but wait until you have three Westlife albums blasting through your earphones, and see if you wouldn’t have the waterworks. Music like this makes you begin to think […]

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