The matching faces of Ake.

Warning: This is a rant. Let me talk about Ake ’16 before we enter the New Year and people start looking at me wankain if I mention it in January. Me I dihnuh exactly enjoy it sha. I don’t know really. Maybe I’m just weird. Or maybe it’s because I came very late and was […]

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Olawale’s ‘My Darling’ and a thousand cuddle thoughts

Let me just say: Everyone, I mean every single person I know who is like me and watches reality TV and follows shows like Project Fame West Africa and watched Season Six and knows Olawale, the winner of that season… yes, everyone in this category was disappointed. Highly. Dude left the show with the highest […]

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Of Wande, genius and a slippery thing.

In the midst of the noise, good or bad, that rocks our clubs and bars and car stereos, there is that occasional voice that emerges like a phoenix, the one that doesn’t just move your legs but stirs your heart, irrespective of what it is on about. There is that occasional voice that you listen […]

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‘How to be Single’ Delivers an Uninspiring Tale of One Lady’s Promiscuous Journey to Self-Discovery| Mifa Adejumo

With her critically acclaimed performance in the erotic romance thriller “50 Shades of Grey”, one would have expected the next character take for the beautiful actress, Dakota Johnson to have a slight deviation from being an object of one man’s licentious desires and pseudo-sadistic obsessions to something a little more, dare I say, inspiring. Instead, […]

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Darey: When The Slow Blows

I recently had an interesting conversation about how Soul and RnB and generally slow-songs-singing musicians in Nigeria hardly ever ‘blow’. Blow, in this context, would mean maintain a long-term relevance on the music scene for their art. They could blow because they’re exceedingly petty and cause trouble on social media; they could because they have […]

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When you have a blend of an insanely creative producer/songwriter like Cobhams with a crazily hilarious rapper like Falz, what you get is just a Boosit. Simple. I was going about my business amidst the bustles of Port Harcourt when Boosit came on the radio. I kept trying to figure out who it was that […]

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