The matching faces of Ake.

Warning: This is a rant. Let me talk about Ake ’16 before we enter the New Year and people start looking at me wankain if I mention it in January. Me I dihnuh exactly enjoy it sha. I don’t know really. Maybe I’m just weird. Or maybe it’s because I came very late and was […]

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You pipo can lie!

I must be missing something. Schoolboy comes home with brown teeth from too much chocolates. His mother looks him over and wrinkles her nose in disgust. Then she goes in and returns with a tube of toothpaste (usually with a three-syllable name)and a knowing smile, as if to say ‘Everything is great with the world, […]

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Olawale’s ‘My Darling’ and a thousand cuddle thoughts

Let me just say: Everyone, I mean every single person I know who is like me and watches reality TV and follows shows like Project Fame West Africa and watched Season Six and knows Olawale, the winner of that season… yes, everyone in this category was disappointed. Highly. Dude left the show with the highest […]

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This post has no title

Lately, I have been afraid to write. This is probably the craziest thing because writing is how I get past my fear of other things, but when even the escape itself gives you fear, you know something is wrong. In my analogy to a friend, I told them my mind was under lock and key. […]

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You definitely can.

From ninety-five to sixty-two

Gbotemi Aloro is a dear friend. This is a post by her about her weight-loss journey. You’d be touched; I was. *** I have struggled with my weight and stature all my life. I remember how Tope Olowookere and Kamar Alesinloye (my classmates in primary school) gave me a nickname: Mrs. Bakare; a fat, ugly […]

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Paranoia | 3

By Santi Femi 6 Lagos. June, 2014 I don’t usually do this hanging out with strangers, she said as her gangly fingers animatedly shot towards him and back towards her. Emeka kept his gaze on her, steady. Is that your regal way of asking for an introduction? She smiled, and pulled a weave of hair […]

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