Power’s Tariq is that boy your parents warned you about

I am still in shock from the latest episode of Power, Episode 9 of Season 4. I cannot believe what just happened, but since I am not one to give spoilers, I’ll let those who haven’t watched it go see it, that’s if their curiousity hasn’t sent then searching Google for answers already.


My concern here is Tariq.

Tariq Tariq Tariq St Patrick. What have you done? These were the first words that fell out of my mouth as soon as the episode was over. But this, whatever Tariq has caused, has been a long time coming.

Agreed, Ghost isn’t exactly the ideal parent and neither is Tasha, but we all know how hard they’ve tried to keep their children away from their nonsense. A life of affluence, the best schools and a home that is safe from the world of drugs and crime; the St Patricks have ensured their children have all of these and more. So how on earth did we get here? How did Tariq become such a brat?

Canaan. He’s probably to blame for the most part. And then there’s Dre who doesn’t have a loyal tooth in his mouth and just knows how to play every side to suit himself. But Tariq is not an impressionable two-year-old. He is an angry teenager who found the opportunity for his inner beast to thrive. And this is seen in the way he continued to roll with the gang, even after Canaan ran. And his stealing isn’t even because he is in need. He is just a terrible person who was bound to get his parents in trouble. Now he wants to run away? Taa! He will get what is coming to him. I will make sure of it. (Don’t even ask me how. I am still boiling from what I just saw)

Tariq is that boy your parents told you to stop moving with. He seems cool and hip, but evil has a bungalow in his heart. He will steal from you and run. He will bring his gang to rob your house as he distracts you with video games. He will make you keep secrets that will turn around and kill you. Okay, seriously, Tariq is the kind of person you should never let your kids follow or become.

And as for Michael Rainey Jr who plays Tariq, dude is one hell of an actor. I will never understand his penchant for bad boy roles (think Barber Shop: The Next Cut, think Orange is The New Black too), but the sixteen-year-old has my respect for pulling them off so well.

Written by Ife Olujuyigbe