danfo 2

All the people you’d find in a Lagos Danfo

I’ll just jump right into it because I can’t even deal, not after my latest Danfo experience.   1.  The conductor with the body odour. The body odour isn’t peculiar to the bus conductor, but most times he is the chief of the clan of smelly bodies. It isn’t enough that he is wearing a […]

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Sho mo age mi ni?

I had a haircut. But you know this already. Well, unless you are new here, and if this is the case, you’re welcome *insert ear-to-ear grin here*. In fact, lemme do a brief introduction already, so my visitors won’t say I don’t have home training. *clears throat* So I’m Ife from a family of six, […]

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#TBT: My favorite childhood memories

So, in the spirit of #ThrowbackThursdays, I decided to go back in time to some of my best memories growing up. I grew up in J-town. That’s a fancy, ‘hip’ name for Jos. I don’t understand why there’s a hip name for every city; Lasgidi for Lagos, Croc City for Kaduna, A-BeeJay for Abuja, Eye-Bee for […]

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