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Movie Review: Naked (2017)

Many laughs, little heart. Synopsis: Rob Anderson is all set to marry the girl of his dreams, but can’t quite get to the altar. He finds himself caught in a time loop, waking up naked in a hotel elevator over and over again. Cast: Marlon Wayans, Regina Hall, Loretta Devine, Dennis Haysbert, Corey Hardrict, Brian […]

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‘How to be Single’ Delivers an Uninspiring Tale of One Lady’s Promiscuous Journey to Self-Discovery| Mifa Adejumo

With her critically acclaimed performance in the erotic romance thriller “50 Shades of Grey”, one would have expected the next character take for the beautiful actress, Dakota Johnson to have a slight deviation from being an object of one man’s licentious desires and pseudo-sadistic obsessions to something a little more, dare I say, inspiring. Instead, […]

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