Book Review: Chinelo Okparanta’s ‘Under The Udala Trees’

Writer: Chinelo Okparanta Year of Publication: 2015 Genre: Fiction The first part of Chinelo’s novel reminds you immediately of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s account of the civil war in ‘Half Of a Yellow Sun’. It is set in Ojoto in South Eastern Nigeria, and words like the bunker, Ojukjwu and the radio are constant features, as […]

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Project fame, claims and games (III)

How did I forget the talented mix of beauty and brains that is Tejiri? Someone says she flaunts her achievements in our faces. I say it isn’t beans to finish with a first class in Electrical Electronics Engineering. As a girl, sometimes you’re underestimated, told what you can and can’t do. To see yourself as […]

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We kick off this feature with a song by Rubunu. Yes, you probably didn’t get the memo, but Debbie of the  Projectfame cycle 7 fame adopted the stage name RUBUNU (and I have absolutely no idea what that means). The 23-year-old did a Christmas collaboration with former house-mate Ugo before finally dropping the single up […]

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