The Vow: Timi Dakolo Dazzles


When Timi won the maiden season of Idols West Africa, and then Omawunmi, the second runner-up, began to shine, and then people began to talk in whispers about how Omawumi should have won and not Timi, and then Timi began to sing some kain songs that just didn’t gel with Naija, and then folks began to say the dude needed to go and sleep or som’n…

Okay, I really don’t know where this is going. But this I know for sure: Timi is on fayaaaa!!! I mean, dude is currently in top form, his last four singles and music videos indisputable testaments to this.  They have been ah-mazing and totally ah-ward winning. From Iyawo mi to Wish me well, Timi has stayed true to his style, his soulful solemn songs that serenade, and his videos that cause you to gasp. He isn’t out to make you dance in the club and get high on spiked punch. If that’s what you want, that’s what the Terry Gs and Lil Keshes are for. I like that Timi has not tried to blend or conform to what sells, or at least, what we think sells. He has remained true, which is the biggest secret to making great art. Somebody give the man a medal!

So yeah, great songs all. But have you heard The Vow? Have you seen the video of The Vow? Have you seen the quality of the video of The Vow? Do you still have any doubts? I thought so.

The Vow is rich. Forget the exquisite Cobham’s-produced melody and listen to the lyrics and hear your heart explode into cute love-shaped pieces of red. It’s the kind of words I like to binge on.

There’s nothing in this world, compared to the joy I have whenever I’m with you…
Girl you give me so much happiness, and I wanna give you nothing less…
No matter what they say, this heart belongs to you.
We’ll take our hopes and dreams, take them to reality together
I’ll be your soldier, fight your battles
I’ll be your shoulder, you can lean on

With the texture of Timi’s voice and  a medley of a fine instrumental, you don’t even realize when your head begins to bop back and forth, and your eyes slap shut. Not in sleep, silly. In awe.

The video tells a story of devotion and commitment and pure, grateful, sacrificial love, the type that causes your tummy to knot. It is set in a wedding ceremony –not entirely unusual– but it brings you near tears with its beautiful portrayal and resolution. It’s sweet that he uses his wife of four years, Busola, as his love interest in his video(s).

The Vow is not only a lovely piece of artistic brilliance; it is also a story of love that makes you want to love. It’s that song I’d love to slow-dance to at my wedding reception, that’s if the typical Yoruba wedding syndrome would let me.

Ratings? I’ll give it a seven. I’m not big on the hook(I’m strongly suspecting Cobham’s on this one): What I’ll do if I don’t have you, I’m screwed. Other than that, I think the song is fantastic; plus I’m very stingy with my ratings, so there.

What? Is it your ratings? Biko shift. :p


PS: Timi, please let’s go easy on the wedding themes now, shall we. Another wedding-themed music video from you and I’m off to Mars.