Soldier: More than a music video.

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‘Soldier go,  Soldier come,

Soldier do wetin you want…’

This soldier can come and go as he pleases, biko. If you’d seen the stupid grin that played on my face as I watched this video ehn, you’d have given me a hot slap to set me straight. It’s that type of grin you cannot help. The type you have on when you’re famished and find your roommate frying dodo and cooking Nigerian jollof. It’s the smile that interjects the hugs and the God-bless-yous you say to him, even when he hasn’t promised you anything. That smile.

Falz is an entertainer that has come to stay. His entry into the music/comedy scene shook the system, heck,  his presence still does. He wears originality like Gucci shoes, and hilariousness like a Hugo Boss watch. And boy does he look good in those! Always.

So when it started to waft in my airspace that dude had gone to do a ghen-ghen video for his song Soldier , I knew it had to be something good, if Marry me and Karishika were anything to go by. What I didn’t expect was to be blown away as I eventually was. I mean, literally. The wind from the video blew me off my bed. I’m currently at the center of the city, trying to find my way back home.

Soldier video is very unlike any one you’ve seen in Nigeria. I know, I know, people create stories out of their music videos all the time. I mean, the late Yoruba music legend, Gbenga Adeboye was also known to do comedy skits and dramas in his videos. But in this era of ‘I wan quick blow’ , where artistes are rushing into the studio like shoppers on Black Friday, Soldier is a huge risk. Who get patience to dey watch fourteen minutes kini? Seriously, what music channel will spare that much time to play that when they would easily have played Orezi, Davido, Flavor and KCee videos all within that time? Soundcity? Abi Hip TV?
So yes, ‘Soldier’ video is a risk. But it is a brilliant risk. An applaudable risk. Clarence Peters definitely knows his onions.

The video tells a story of a soldier(Falz) on a mission to get a girl(Simi) he likes to fall for him. Because he is of the military, he comes too hard, making the girl and her friends repulsed by him. When she is taken captive by a colony of thugs and the leader puts a call through to him to ‘come and collect her’, he gets his fellow soldiers and leave on a rescue mission.

Adeyemi Okanlawon is the leader of the colony, brilliant in his portrayal as always. When he says ‘if you want the girl, come and collect her’, he reminds you of the January 1 word dispute between Don Jazzy and Olamide at the Headies, and causes you to grin. I’m still wondering why that Adeyemi dude didn’t wait for me,  we would have made a fine couple, you know.  😁😁

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Adeyemi Okanlawon

Apart from the terrific acting, the rib-squashing grammar Falz is known for, and the directing by Clarence that is topnotch, the song is absolutely brilliant. The rap is just mesmerising with its rhymes, and Simi’s oriole-sounding voice makes the song sink into your soul like minty chewinggum. This song isn’t one with the regular and all too familiar storyline. It is original and just downright unique in its entirety.

Falz should get many awards for this one. It might not ‘blow’ the shakitibobo way or the reggae blues way or the woju way, but it has a chance to go down as one of the classics, one of the few that will linger longer in our minds rather than our eardrums. Yes it would, so long Mother Luck sways Falz’s way. And really, who wouldn’t?