21 ways to enjoy life

Expect a few more lists from me, friends. And be sure most of them will have the same number as this, for example, ’21 ways to snore’, ’21 ways to fall in love’, ’21 books to read’, ’21 bed bugs you must kill’ etc. That number has suddenly caught my fancy, maybe ‘coz on March 21 I’d be older.(i’m not about to say my age so pls don’t ask!) Oooh! Don’t beg me jor!

Ok. So here are 21 ways to enjoy life. By that, I don’t mean ten bottles of regal and ‘odeku’ (That’d conveniently make my ’21 ways to not enjoy life’ list.) These are just some funny stuff that seem to have worked FOR ME! Meaning they might not work FOR YOU, right? Right!

1. Don’t eat boiled fish! Eeew! How do y’all cope with fish anyway? And that awful stench? Tufia!
2. Like music, have an earpiece and turn up the volume so that it will be ‘bangin’ si e leti!’ It works magic!
3. Don’t skip your personal devotion. Need I say more?
4. Eat with plenty soup. Anything less is called ‘ìyà’!
5. Have amazing friends. Mwah! I love my friends.
6. Have a sense of humour. Don’t take life too seriously jare.
7. Be your best friend. Love who u are.
8. If u’r a student, don’t bother following any tv series when u’r on break so u won’t be heart broken when it’s time to resume.
9. For heaven’s sake, be polite!
10. Run from those who cause you too much drama. Life is short,my dear.
11. There are somethings about you that only you needs to know. I learnt that the hard way.
12. Watch news. Omo, I’m so guilty!
13. Know what fits u, madam. Ur face is no drawing board. Take it easy on the colours!
14. Don’t get too attached to anything. Hardly does anything last forever.
15. Smile often. No. Laugh often. (Lafiat says so! Buhahaha…)
16. Church is awesome! Don’t miss service.
17. Health? Well, don’t be scared. Scary things happen to scared people.
18. Ask for the way if you’re lost! Why get lost ‘coz of ur ego?
19. Frying makes food taste better.That’s my secret of good cooking! *winks*
20. Love is beautiful. Love truly!
21. Read this list all over again!

Ó dàbò.