I like Sundays!

There’s a wealth of things that I like. Just before I state a few, be warned that some of the things you’re about to read are a bit strange, therefore, optical guidiance is highly recommended (lol!).

I like dust! The feel of it in between my teeth is exhilarating. Even though my eyes and nostrils repel it so agressively, my teeth just love it! Haha. .

I like new buildings! Not the sight perse, but the SMELL! There’s this new lecture theatre behind my department in school. Every time a lecture is scheduled to hold in it, I get really excited. I savour every breathe as soon as I’m in. Strange, right?

I like myself! (before nko?) I like my peculiarities, every one of them. I like that I’m able to adapt to every kind of environment in no time, that I’m carefree sometimes,that I have a bit of every temperament,that I have wonderful people around me. Everything!

I like Sundays!(Now that’s not strange at all) who doesn’t? Its part of the weekend, you get to observe your siesta, you have time to cook all you want, you can visit friends and family…
Truth is, despite all of these, I really used to detest Sundays.I hated the whole idea of waking early for church and all. Now I see things differently.

Church isn’t some routine place I must be at. It’s a place I love to be at because I’m among my family. There, I see myself through a mirror called ‘the Word’, I see my imperfections and how I can correct them.I see a loving Father whose ears I speak into.I see a master builder who moulds me into shape.I see depths in God that I can attain.I see heigths in life that He can take me. I see the immeasurable breadth of His love that I can’t quantify. I see answers to the deepest yearnings of my heart. I see my true identity, a citizen of the Republic of Divinity, where no limitations abound! I see God, in the beauty of His holiness.As I lift up my hands with wild abandon, I see the glory of the risen Lamb who reigns forever more.

I like church and that’s the reason I like Sundays.

Holler back if you like it too!