You’ve asked that I believe in you.
You’ve asked that I remain.
You’ve asked me to hold on to you,
And you’ll be whole again
When Dan complained and Roger whined
I ignored all they said
I chose to believe in your words
I wrapped them around my ears…

And times have passed…

My love is waning
My trust is fading
How long did you think the lies will last for?
The kisses that chewed on my words,
The steps that trampled on my feelings,
The gestures that tore on my faith,
The gazes that shreded my trust…

How long did you think you could lie for?

So I’m taking that giant leap
The one I ran from
The one I shielded my face from
I’m picking up my strenght and taking it
Far away from you
And all the drama…

Oh I wish…
But goodbye forever!