Wipes dust off blog

It’s been how long? Three months? Four? A really long time I must say.

So much has happened since my last post. Eclipse (A flash fiction competition I was involved in), my return to Nigeria from a year-long stay in Ghana, NYSC orientation camp (this lasts for three weeks if you didn’t know that already. For most, these are the three most rigorous weeks of their lives), makeup classes, the rest of the service ish, and all and all.

Shout outs to everyone who has been here in the last few months, who have buzzed me to know what’s going on, who have subscribed still, in spite of my absence. You guys are the real MVPs. Cheers!

Yes, so lemme not drag the matter. I am back now, and here to stay. I will post at least once a week. And I’ll be writing all sorts. Good things, you can trust.

Let’s go!