Beautiful grace

I wake up this morning,
stretching and yawning.
As the facts dawn again,
I shrink back in utter pain,
My head is laden with fear,
there’s guilt I cannot bear.
I cry my eyes sore,
till tears can form no more!

I flounce into my day,
Hope my past will fade away,
but it keeps haunting my heart,
‘we’ll never be apart!’
Its sneer rings in my ears,
for days and weeks and years.
Will this agony ever end?
Will my heart never mend?

The sad memory replays,
that put me in a haze.
He swept me off my feet,
but robbed me with deceit.
I trusted his every word,
he slay me with a sweet sword.
He played on my naivity,
and took away my dignity.

After taking all of me,
he walked out so slyly.
Like an old and worn-out coat,
he’s left my heart to float.
Myself,I’ve failed to pardon,
my past I can’t abandon.
I’ve been robbed of all.
Empty like an attacked mall.

Then I meet a lady,
who helps to cure my malady.
She tells me of a lover,
who’s been knocking since forever!
She tells me of a love,
that’s higher than the sky above.
She tells me of a friend,
broken hearts,He can mend!

I open my heart to Him.
I pour out my pain in screams,
I ask Him to come on in,
and sweep my dirty life clean.
His amazing grace has shone,
what a great thing He has done!
I’m no more trapped in guiit.
Yay! He’s washed off all the filth.

New day.

I wake up this morning,
stretching and yawning.
I lift my eyes to heaven,
Myself, I have forgiven.
With a smile, I mutter words.
To my lover and my Lord.
‘You deserve all my praise,
I’ve seen the beauty of grace!’