Behold the face!:thoughts…

#thought A#

Behold the face of the boy who didn’t look for a safe place to cross. Please take a good look at him. He’s the guilty one, the one who will never settle. I bet he was playing football across the road. No, maybe he was on his way to school yet thinking about his crush! Mtsheeew! Children of these days are just unbelievable! What does he know about crushes and girls? I bet he cant be more than 12years. …He thought so much that he didn’t see an oncoming vehicle.
I think I saw him  the other day, while on my way to the market. ehen…the little boy I saw was just about his height, his complexion… just had to be him. He was holding something that looked like a park of cigarrettes and chatting with his friends. I just saw the bunch of misguided little kids and shook my head in pity at what our generation was now becoming. Stop asking me how sure I am that he was the one, don’t you see his face? Don’t you see rascality and mischief all over him? Puh-leeze! Stop with the questioning…
*rolls eyes*
As I look on this boy, I strongly suspect he’s the one that broke into the old teacher’s farm the other day. The description the little maid who sighted the theif gave  just seems to fit perfectly. It must be him. *pauses* It’s him. It’s just got to be him. My instincts never lie…ok, they seldom do. The only time they lied was when I suspected my husband for being the father of Folu, the tomato seller. I saw a resmblance between him and the little girl, and good ol’ doubt began to flicker my instincts…Well.., I know I was wrong eventually, but the argument we had was worth it afterall, y’know. Atleast, it made him uncomfortable to ever think of cheating on me.

And my instincts have decieved me a couple more times… 

Whatever..*does a wave of hand*, I just know this boy has got to be a bad boy to have experienced what he’s experienced. No little boy has a road accident this serious. Maybe this is even Karma’s recompense on him for all the gory evils he must have done in his young sorry life.
I’m just saying…

#thought B#

Behold the face of the boy who didn’t look for a safe place to cross. Oh no, not this little cutie! How could anyone hit such a young kid? What  is the matter with our motorists these days? Everyone is just always in a hurry, so much so that they don’t care who gets hurt in the process…

No, this is rubbish!

And then his guardians, what really were they thinking? This boy can barely be ten yet. And he is left on his own to roam the streets? This is unfair.
I bet he is badly hit. Oh what pain he must be going through. This is no way to treat our young generation. I remember this was how Ralia, my very smart pupil, lost her life. It was one really sad experience. The poor girl was on her way to school…
Oh no, never Ralia. She never came late. She always trekked a long distance just to be at school before 8am. She was only in Primary 3, and she already understood punctuality and diligence. She was very respectful…*dreamily*..I remember how she would run towards me to collect my bag whenever I was coming to the class. She was so pure at heart. Poor Ralia! And then, that fateful morning, a reckless driver ran her over. She died on the spot. We wept and wept…

Thank God this young boy is still alive. Who knows, he might just be the president of his time. I just wish he’d mark the face of the monster who hit him. Maybe when he’s in power, he can come and arrest him…

#thought C# (mine)

Oh, this boy just had an accident?

‘Sorry, little boy. Hope you are ok?’
‘Yes ma’am, I’m fine.’

End of discussion.