Demic Demic, Get Me A Pan.

Let me confess, I have been cheating on you.

Can you even blame me? There are all kinds of social media platforms these days and one can get carried away, updating one’s life on all of them while abandoning the one space you have created solely for that purpose.

So I have been writing, alright. I guess I just haven’t been writing here. Forgive me?
I am making a commitment to make a change from now on. I know it’ll be hard AF. Who am I kidding? The more adulting I have ‘adulted’, the busier and more demanding life has gotten.
But a woman’s gotta try right?

So a global pandemic struck. It is called the Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19.

The world has changed. We now walk around with masks and hand sanitizers, and people are getting vaccinated with a substance they don’t entirely trust. Travel is a real nightmare, and the COVID tests hurt.

mask up, will ya?

I saw this one coming, somehow.
In 2019, I had a dream about a flu-related pandemic and thought it would be a great idea for my next book.

I should have written it then too, and believe me I started, but remember that thing I said about adulting?

I was in the city of Nairobi when the pandemic hit. I will tell you all about my Nairobi sojourn in another post, but trust me, being away from home when the whole world was on lockdown came with its own unique challenges.

For one, I was alone. My folks who had been with me relocated and I was wrapped around by cold and the sound of my own thoughts. Netflix offered a great distraction, and calls from family and friends kept me grounded, but when those were no longer there or my mind begged to settle down as it battled my chronic insomnia, I went through it.

Oh yes, work helped too, but then again, how much work could you do to kill time? A ton of work, I would come to learn.
I wrote like my life depended on it. It did, though, considering writing is how I make a living.

I started a business too and made some decent sales that made me so proud of myself.

I went on virtual dates with a lot of interesting prospectives sourced by a religious organization I was a part of and made many friends from it.

I picked up baking and experimenting in the kitchen. Sounds quite unlike me, but you need to have tasted my banana bread to have an opinion.

Heck, I even began to bake for my neighbors. Their reviews were entirely positive. No, I’m not lying. Seriously!

a taste of heaven!

I gained a bit of weight, about 10KG. Ordering the triple-decker pizza every Tuesday and completely dropping your exercise routine would do that to you.

Fast forward to a year later and the pandemic caught up with me. I caught the infamous COVID-19, and it dealt with me silly. Again, that is a subject for another post.

Maybe this is enough catchup for one day. Maybe we will pick this up tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

But dear blog of mine, please don’t make it next year.