For Tobi

For Tobi

There’s so much going on right now on all fronts; Internationally with the passing of a legend Dr Myles Munroe, his wife and child, on the Nigerian scene with the Yobe State explosion and election-inspired melees, and even in my head, as the latter has been spinning for a while now for reasons I’m suspecting stem from insomnia.

But in the midst of all these, disheartening as they are, I can’t help celebrating the life of a friend I hold very dearly: Tobi Elusakin.

Tobi is the typical guy-next-door. He’s a good-looking bespectacled son of Adam with this calm innocence that just draws you in. He has a certain swag to him that catches your eye, and a mien that is rare and outstanding. And when he is agitated about something, his face betrays him, instantly becoming a canvass on which his every worry is painted. Like I said, he’s the typical next-door guy.

But you should look deep inside to really understand the sheer awesomeness that is Tobi.

He is selfless, real, kind and sweet. Tobi can go to any reasonable length to help people he cares about. He’s one to easily believe the best in people, he is an amazing listener, and his mind works with fantastic swiftness. He is a very determined and hardworking person who, when he sets his mind on something, he goes all out for it, defying even nature’s calls. He has an unusual sense of humor in his back pocket every time, and I daresay he’s one of the most amazing people I know.

I remember this one time I had some boy-drama that absolutely weighed me down. I remember this other time I was having some issues balancing school stuff with extracurricular activities, and it was starting to affect me.
Tobi was there for me then.
I remember last minute assignments I couldn’t do, and because his handwriting is very similar to mine, he did for me and submitted. I remember all the calls to get me informed on relevant information.
Tobi was there for me.
I remember that one time my eyes were terribly swollen for about a week or two, and how I couldn’t go to class or anywhere else, and someone had to cover for me. I remember those numerous bike fares, snacks here and there from Kay’s to Forks, gifts, visits, surprises, smiles, laughs, moments… I remember them all.
Tobi was there for me then.
I remember how that, even when most of these things weren’t convenient for him because he had his own issues to deal with,
he still managed to be there for me.

When you find a friend like this, who isn’t being nice and good to you with ulterior motives, trust me, you’ve found a friend for life.

This is to my friend for life. I call him my twinie, as we have so much in common. No matter where life takes us, I can never forget you.

Happy birthday to you, buddy.

tobi Elusakin