i am the eagle


With foresight as sharp as an edge

The highest peaks my cutting edge

The vision is clear and concise

So I run, prompt and precise

I stand out, I do not flock

With birds or beasts of varying stock

I’d rather stand alone and win

Than fraternize and never begin

My company is of the great

Men! Women! Of hope and faith.

I gird my loins, I lace my shoes

For win win is all I do!

My feet, in strength, my anchor holds

My wings are spread wide to withhold

The rain and hail and tempest all

And keep me up so I don’t fall

With grace I soar, in grace I live

The past I don’t wait to relive

But on I press to bigger things

No limits, no! no stopping me

Long life is surely mine to have

My dad is king, I never starve

My territory is enlarged

My heart is always under guard.

And when the storms are gathered up

I see a chance to reach for the top

In battles and joys, crisis and conquests

I remain the eagle that manifests.

I am the eagle, going far

Soaring high to touch the stars

I am the eagle, I know my place

With God, I never lose the race.