I like to talk good talk, so I did.

It really didn’t matter that anyone was looking. I didn’t manage to take a care for eavesdropping ears. I was all bent on talking, so I did. I did on.

What I began to witness seemed to me like the exact opposite of the things I said. A drop of sweat creased on the side of my fore-head, threatening to break out into streams. I breathed heavily, yet there was no stopping me. I just talked. Yeah right, talk on, I did.

Then my throat started to dry out, and the moisture content of my buccal cavity ceased flow. I couldn’t comprehend the sudden drought that had begun to rage in the midst of my oesophagus. Saliva seemed to betray me. I looked around for water, but even water deserted me. I fainted, almost blanked out, but the words in my mouth just won’t let me- they wanted out, and I needed to co-operate. So I kept them coming. That’s right, I kept talking, speaking, decreeing, confessing.

And then, soon enough, I saw the bright light coming from afar, moving in my direction, advancing steadily towards me. I was ecstatic! My words had taken shape and were coming to me, just as I had declared them. I leaped for joy and my legs almost gave way. My words got to me, and became my reality. I rejoiced, ’cause the words were nice and lovely, just the way I had said them. Then I relaxed and enjoyed the fruit of my lips.

#proverbsModified- iFeKleVa’13#