ife and the six-year-old

The following conversation ensued between Ife and a six-year old boy(syob).

Syob: aunty ife welcome!

Ife: Thank you darling.

Syob: wah did you bring for me?

Ife: Ehmm. . .(frantically rummages through bag for anything edible. Luckily finds two wraps of tomtom) take!

Syob: thank you aunty.(immediately throws one into his mouth)

Syob: aunty!

Ife: yes?

Syob: what is ‘ayarage’?

Ife: uhn? Where did you hear that from?

Syob: our Pastor always says it.

Ife: Maybe it’s his language.

Syob: no aunty. Daddy said it too. And daddy and pastor don’t speak the same thing.

Ife: Ah!

Syob: and aunty Mary in choir.

Ife: ah! (confused) But why didn’t you ask your dad?

Syob: he said it during morning devotion. I did not want him to shout at me.

Ife: ehnehn! Okay, lemme check the dictionary.
(checks Webster and Oxford dictionaries)
it’s not here o.

Syob: the dictionary must be bad. My daddy is always right.

Ife: hmm. . .what did you call it again?

Syob: ayarage!

Ife: Maybe we will ask your dad when he comes home.

Syob: okay.

Ife:(sighs in relief) phew!

Thirty minutes later.

Syob: (tapping Ife continiously and interrupting her sweet sleep) aunty! aunty!

Ife: (reluctantly) yeees? What is it?

Syob: they are saying it again.

Ife: Who? What?

Syob: the people in the church beside the house. They are saying ‘ayarage’!

Ife: (pauses to listen)

Church: We are here again, we are here again. . .Father we are here again. . .

Ife: i can’t here ‘agayara. . .’ or what’s that thing again?

Syob: ayarage! I can hear it. Aunty,listen now.

Ife: (getting impatient) okay. (listens but still can’t hear anything) i can’t. . .

Syob: (singing along) Father we ayarage. . .we ayarage. . .

Ife: (suddenly realises what the boy is saying and starts lauging) Juniour, it is ‘we are here again’. . .that’s what they are saying. . .

Syob: Oookay! But it use to sound like another thing. . .

Ife: (continues lauging out loud) hahaha. . . . .