It’s all about the eyes.

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Take a deep breath. Smile. Lights. Camera…
It’s 2016 baby. It’s another beginning of another 365 days. It’s a new reason to start afresh. It’s a new reason to be hopeful again.

Yes, I have heard tons of people go on about how it is that you’re still the same person you were on the 31st of December as you were on the 1st of January. True that. However, you can choose not to be. The choice of what becomes of you, New Year or nah, is solely dependent on one person: YOU.

Remember that dress that got people talking in 2015? The white-gold-blue-black dress whose real colour many were clamoring to unravel? No? The one that trended on the Internet na. Ehen, that one. That dress was a testament to the fact that everything is a reflection of perspective. A cup is not black unless you see it so. And while to you, it is black, to a fella with colour blindness or something , it might as well be grey. Or white. It’s all about the eyes.

Choose to shape your 2016, rather than have it merely handed to you by the break of dawn or the setting of the sun. Choose to make something out of it; something you can always look back on  and attribute to 2016. Something measurable, something tangible. Trust me when I say that the final hours of 2015 and the beginning hours of 2016 are never the same. But it all lies with you, and how ready you are to grasp the fresh opportunity of a new year.

I wish you a fabulous year. A life-transforming new beginning.