Look for the pudding

There’s been a lot of fuss abt giving a good first impression. Forgive me if the word ‘fuss’ doesn’t go down well with you,I guess I can’t very much help it.I mean,why would I,when we all know that your impression about a person isn’t exactly who the person is?It’s just an impression. Hello! It’s simply a façade,a make up. It’s most likely unreal. So why do we then worry so much about giving a good impression?You answer that!

I won’t even attempt to lie to you.I do it too.So this pretty babe walks over to your seat in class to ask you for your note. Your friend already asked you earlier for it,and you outrightly turned him down with the excuse of wanting to read it. But to this chick(whose attention you’ve probably been trying to get by doing ‘arò’ in class), you smile sheepishly,concoct your ‘tushest fòné’ and tell her to use it for as long as she wants.Why would you do that?First impression right? Yeah,right.

I have no problems with it.I only have questions.What then happens to the one who wasn’t able to create a good impression.Is he done for?Do we just judge him as bad?Do we assume a man’s personality by a first meeting!Is that fair? How many times have you flopped,worn the wrong clothes,said the wrong things,acted the wrong way…at a first meeting?Are you actually like that? Didn’t u just go home and almost slap yourself in the face for making such a mistake?So I assume you want to continually be seen in that light,right? Wrong!

‘For we have this treasure in earthen vessels…’
There’s always a pudding in every pie. Sometimes,it doesn’t look like it ’cause the pie seems to cover it all up.It might even look burnt on the outside.If only we could just see the pudding in it!Seeing the best in others brings the best out of them.Don’t judge people by their actions but by their intentions.If that’s how it works,God would’ve rejected us ever since.And lemme quickly add,instead of trying so hard to impress,why not build character.That way,it’d just flow naturally.You won’t hv to form it.