Love letters (I)

Hakeem removed the earpiece he had stuck into his ears. He had a feeling that his father needed him, and might have called him, but he hadn’t heard due to the loud Westlife ballad he had been listening to. He waited for a moment to see if his father will call again, but he heard nothing. Then as he made to plug back his ears, an idea immediately struck him.
Instead of listening to sad love songs and waiting for my turn, why don’t I write her an anonymous love letter?
Hmmm…that isn’t such a bad idea, you stupid genius, he thought to himself, smiling and stroking his hairless chin.
At least I’d let her know how I feel and see if she’d react well. If she does, I’ll then come out and say it was me. If she doesn’t, I won’t be so hurt.
Feeling like a hero, he hurriedly jumped out of bed.

love lette2

Dear Tracy,
It’s been a long time I have been thinking about you, talking about you, dreaming about you…when I’m awake, I see you. When I’m asleep, I see you. When I’m in between, I see you still. What have you done to me, oh charming girl?
The other day when I saw you, my eyes went wide. I had never seen such beauty in my whole life. I felt chills all over my body. When you spoke to me, my tummy churned twice, and when you stopped, it churned again. Then I went home, and I lay in my bed singing love songs. You ignited the fire of love in me, now I’m swallowed up in flames. What is water like? I seem to have forgotten. Does it douse wild fires? Can yours douse mine?

So you’re wondering who this guy is? Its best with a little mystery you know? Drop me a note beside the window at the back of class and place a stone on it, let me know what’s on your mind, baby. Unravel this mystery if you can too, I love smart ladies.
Till I get your note, a million kisses behind your palms.


Hakeem counted five notes of a hundred bucks into Garba’s hands, grabbed the letter and hurried off to school, humming native love songs and anticipating the response that will change his life.