Love letters (II)

love lette2

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Three days had passed, yet there was no letter. Hakeem had begun looking forlorn. Why would Tracy ignore him in such a humiliating manner? If after one week, she didn’t say anything, he was going to confront her. A guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do.
Five days later, he was about leaving for home when he saw the letter. It was a shabby piece of paper with mathematical calculations on it. The sender had managed to scribble a few words on a tiny free space on the sheet. He could recognize it because these days, every stray piece of paper could be a potential letter, so he picked them up and looked them over. Hakeem put down his mono-strap schoolbag from around his head and picked the letter up. He smiled when he saw her name on it. It was from her. He was too excited that he ran all the way home, dragging his bag along with him.
I can’t read stuff like this in a hurry.
I saw your note. I don’t know you, and I don’t talk to faceless, nameless strangers. I’m a very busy person. Don’t disturb me.
Tracy folded the note and dropped it near the window as the stranger had instructed. If not for Ufuoma, her friend and seatmate, she wouldn’t have remembered to put down this reply. Ufuoma liked things like that, but for her, she wouldn’t care less if the whole class had written her a love note. Her ambition to have the best WASSCE results in the state at the end of the year was all that mattered to her. Her father had promised her a car if she made it, and she knew she was up to the task; that was as long as she didn’t get distracted by her numerous wooers. She always called it ‘the dilemma of a pretty girl.’
‘Tracy, you know this is very romantic. No one has ever done anything like this for me before. If anyone did, I’ll reply him immediately’
‘Haba Ufy, what happened to ‘being a lady’? Even if I was into the guy, you think I’ll reply him right away?’
‘Forget matter o!’ Ufy said with mock seriousness. ‘All those hard to get nonsense no dey do me these days o. How do you think I got Julian to date me? Omo, my new motto is ‘grab it while it’s hot, even if it has to burn your fingers a little…’
‘And your tongue too ehn?’
Odikwa serious something o’
They both laughed.
‘Maybe I’ll even reply the dude sef, tell him to leave me alone. I don’t need boy drama right now. I need a car for uni.’
‘I hear you.’ Ufuoma said finally, eyeing her friend and smiling coyly.
Hakeem was undeterred by the tone of seriousness in the reply Tracy had sent. In fact, he was very happy she had replied. Now he had to send an even wittier reply to keep the ball rolling.
‘This is real love!’ he muttered to himself convincingly as he buttoned up his school shirt to hit the road to Garba’s.