Miranda Bailey is…ME!

Hey there. It’s me again. Yeah, the one with the Grey’s Anatomy addiction. Yep, that one.

As we speak, I am almost through with Season 6. I am dangerously close to Season 7. I am not sure my rehabilitation is working yet. I still badly need a handler. You have any recommendations, hit me up in the DM. Thank you.

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So there’s this thing movie/TV writers, or writers in general, do that just further confirms that we indeed can be gods with a pen. We create characters! We create moving, living beings with ghosts and pasts and fears and mistakes, characters that give the world a headache, characters that give a young woman palpitations, characters that get us to yaay! and to curse. We are that powerful.

But have you ever seen a character that is almost exactly like you? Have you? Well, I have found myself that character (I told you my Grey’s addiction would pay off eventually), and she is Doctor Miranda Bailey, created by my darling Shonda Rhimes, down to her 5’2 height and coffee-brown skin.

Okay, let’s see. Miranda was born into a conservative Christian home and raised to be polite, respectful, maybe shrink a little so as not to appear overbearing. She had fire for brains, buried herself in books, liked boys that didn’t like her back and rejected boys that did.

All Hail Queen Bailey!

All Hail Queen Bailey!

Miranda Bailey hates to be underrated. She is darn good at what she does, but hates when her abilities are in question, tends to prove doubters right because her confidence then begins to stagger.

Miranda doesn’t quickly sense when she is being taken for granted, and when she finally does and gives the person a solid talking-to, which usually leads to her storming out with all the swagger she can muster, she goes to a corner and cry.

Miranda Bailey is easy to like; easy to misunderstand but easier to like, easier to trust, easier to get fond of and rely on. Sometimes she tells you off, sometimes she is too sensitive to. Miranda Bailey has a lot of love in her heart, but she might never show you. You’d have to figure it out, and do not get it twisted, if she does love you, you must be something special because Miranda is a tough, tough nut.

Miranda is funny as hell, but she doesn’t even know it. She has no social life, which is why she declines again and again when she is asked out on a date or to a dance. She enjoys her own company, is fierce when she stands her ground, loves and is passionate about her work, and has leadership fall upon her naturally, without even trying or wanting it.

Basically, Miranda Bailey is me.

So if you ever wondered what I am like, go watch Grey’s Anatomy. You’ll find me in it.


And oh, Chandra Wilson is one hell of an actor.

Chandra 'Bae' Wilson

Chandra ‘Bae’ Wilson