Oh yes! It’s gibberish. I bet when you saw this title, your brain did a quick calculation as to what it could possibly mean. Someone probably thought to himself, ‘All these money matters sef. Ewo tun ni rollinaire  bayi (which one is rollinaire now?)’ hehehe… me sef no know o…

Ok. I kinda do, or at least I have an idea. I wrote the note anyways, so I should.

I have been different things at different points in my life: I have been tomboy, acrobatics guru, superb goal keeper, song writer, best student, big-check-wearing  junior student, school prefect, freshman, naïve love-struck girl, insecure chic, drum-playing,  super smarty, faith-learning, azonto-digging…different things at different times…and all the while someone was looking out for me. (Well, he was responsible for a good number of the various things I was or have become e.g. tomboy. Heehaw!! *tongue out*…)

I have never been that perfect little sister, yet this certain someone has loved me just the way I am. He has groomed me, and thought me, and pruned me, and loved me…he has danced with me, and sang with me, and laughed with me, and ran with me…he has fought for me, and quarreled with me, and stood up for me, and prayed for me…he…this same person…has ultimately believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. His several roles in my life have included coach, mentor, teacher, pastor, friend, confidant, role model, big brother…I really can’t count, so I just call him a multirollinaire! (now you see…)

I can never stop loving my big brother. I told him once, if I had a husband like him, my life will be beautiful. He’s amazing, one of the best people in this world. I mean that! I’m grateful he’s in my life…and just as he adds another year tomorrow, my soul celebrates him.

Olumide Olujuyigbe, you are a rare gem.
I love you, bro.