My diary – DAY 1



Today is the first day the in the month of  March- my month. In just 21 days, I’d be older. It feels good,especially when you think of all the respect and freedom that comes with age,. But there are two sides to the coin! I’m gradually saying goodbye to the years of care-freedom, of having no worries in the world and just living for each day. The years of having someone take care of you FOR YOU and worry about you. Hmmm…. I remember the days, when I’d sleep off on the sofa after dinner, and have someone carry me lovingly to my room, the days when I didn’t have to worry about cooking, mama was dedicated to her job. I miss the days when ‘d build sand houses and pretend to live inside, when I felt the same way with both my male and female friends…. Those were the days!


Anyways, it’s obvious I can’t remain forever young no matter how many times I put the song on replay. All I can do is come to terms with it and enjoy the growing process, and the responsibilities that come with it. And before my mind wanders too far, I’d better remind myself that I have a workplace I must be at by 8:00am. ‘Uuurrrggghhh! But I haven’t had enough sleep!’, I mutter under my breathe. Who wants to listen to that? I manage to drag myself out of bed and into the bathroom.




I arrive at work. This has become my constant arrival time, thanks to my waiting to eat breakfast every morning. Oh yeah? Why won’t I eat breakfast? Who wants to die? lol! Well, so I enter into my office, exchange the usual pleasantries and allow events to take over. haha…

12:11 pm

I’ve been yawning since morning, and I’m practically dozing on my desk. Ahhhhh…. I just wish I can get some minute’s sleep, even if it’s five! I should’ve gone to bed earlier last night. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3:15 pm

My day is taking a new turn. Finally! I’ve been sitting here trying to supress this urgent feeling of dizziness. Thank God I finally have to get to the site. This is my only saving grace.

5:10 pm
On my way home, and trying to catch a bus. I’ve learnt my lesson in a hard way- I’ll never sleep late again.