Nora died? I give up on TV Series.

I have just completed the second season of The Strain and I have been rendered depressed. This is the definition of rock bottom, where this season ended. Coco is dead (this doesn’t particularly give me as much joy as I thought it would; she was just a victim really), Nora is dead (I will come back to this. I am still deep in unbelief.), and Zack is gone.

Thankfully, The Occido Lumen is in the hands of the good guys, and Elizalde (insert love-struck emoji here) is alive and well. Vasiliy Fet is good too, and even though Dutch was unwise and lost on both ends, I’m sure he will take her back. But can you for one second imagine what is going on in Ephraim Goodweather’s head? He lost his best friend Rob to Eldritch Palmer’s hit man, lost his fling Leigh, too, lost his wife, lost his job, lost his reputation, lost his hopes for a cure, lost his chance at killing Palmer, lost his son, and now he has lost the most important woman in his life, Nora. At this moment, I would probably even stand to applaud him if he intentionally got a strigoi to turn him. His loses are too much for one man.

I am about to begin season three and I am unsure of what to find. But even if they kill everyone -and it will pain me (wait a minute, how has Abraham Setrakain survived all this time. That man is just a lucky son of a vampire.), I hope they do not mess with Augustin Elizalde and Aanya Gupta’s love story. They shouldn’t even dare, or I will come find them. I am not even joking.

Nora Martinez

Nora Martinez

Back to Nora. How could they let Nora die. Doctor Nora Martinez was the beacon, the one that gave us all hope that no matter what happened, Eph will be good with Nora by his side. How could the writers, Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan let her die? Must every show have someone good dying on us like this? Is this even fair? Poussey from Orange is the New Black, Wes from How To Get Away With Murder, Mon-El from Supergirl, Katie from Containment, HR from The Flash, now Nora from The Strain? I give up. I am going to write my own show and make you fall in love with the characters before killing them off. You guys aren’t the only ones that have the power to make one cry.

Well, since we're all being petty...

Well, since we’re all being petty…

All in all, great show. Thomas Eichorst is such a fantastic character. He is probably the one I hate most on the show, but has my greatest respect for being such a talented villain. Villains should learn villainy at his feet, seriously.

Have you watched any part of the series? Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Written by Ife Olujuyigbe