paradigm shift



I think we need a facelift

Or maybe a mind drift

Just about anything

To make our perception shift.

We’ve looked from this standpoint for too long

Is it likely, maybe, that we’ve been seeing things wrong?

I ask, I know you inquire along.

The mind of a man- his greatest arsenal

Even God warns against it being carnal:

Void of Worldly philosophies

Distorted mentalities

Gross idiocies

A certain avalanche of anomalies


They say it’s the way it’s always done

So you gullibly follow, then crash and burn

This life, they say, is turn by turn

So you limit yourself like a sorry pawn

They think for you, you have no opinion

The popular road is the path you’re always on

And after all’s been said and done

You wonder where the many years have gone.


Be transformed by the renewing

Of none other than your mind’s thinking

That was the bible expressly speaking

And I do hope we’re actively heeding

Guard your hearts with every diligence

Guard your eyes and ears is my insistence

Doorways to the inner store house of our existence

To live differently, you’ve got to think with a difference

This, my friend, is my six pence.