So Soon?

I have monitored the days. They are running. No, trust me, they are sprinting past us. It’s hard to keep up. Even the Usain Bolts and Tobi Amusans of this world can’t keep up with them.

When was it again that we put up Christmas trees and sang carols? Not that I cared much; my Christmas this year was the most un-Christmas-y Christmas I ever Christmas-ed. I’m not sure I want to get into why this was. I guess the summary is I was just tired, and I had a looming deadline for a script, and … look, it was just one of those Christmases, I guess.

But I could hear them still, the carols and happy excited greetings. Even the bangers, which I am no fan of. I heard them all.

Then there was the Happy New Year shout only a week after. The calls and messages and BCs alike that characterize moments like that rolled in quickly.

Then I blinked twice, and we are in the second week of January? Are you kidding?

Work has begun again. Children are back in school. Lagos traffic, short nights, hot afternoons, and long mornings have kicked off in full swing.

My takeaway from all of this would have to be making the most of the days while they are called ‘present’. I am still learning to live in the present because there are still so many big dreams ahead to think about, and so many memorable events behind to reminisce on, but because every moment is so fleeting, it does us no good to not take advantage of the present. Someone very wise mentioned that there is no day like the present. I have to agree with them.

So here’s committing to living in the moment. In 2023, let’s make the moments count. Let’s live fully, without inhibitions, knowing that by tomorrow, today would have become yesterday, and if we blinked two more times, today would become last year.

Here’s also hoping I come here more often this year. 2022 was such a good year for me, but I didn’t get to share it here. I will try to do better.

Happy New Year.🎉🎉🎉