Some of us


When people say that fingers are not equal, it sounds like they really mean it right? Well, many times they don’t. I mean, they don’t really understand what it means. Let me break it down a little.

Some of us have to wake up 5am every morning to hawk groundnut and plantain for three hours before going to school.

Some of us have to take four drops everyday to work and back, on a meager salary.

Some of us have to read a book up to ten times before we finally get what it says.

Some of us have to put water in an earthen pot overnight before we can drink cold water.

Some of us have to wear the same pair of shoes everyday of the week, and then rock it to church on Sunday.

Some of us have to wear hand-me downs for twelve straight years without getting anything new.

Some of us have to travel long distances on motorbikes because transport fare just got expensive.

Some of us only get to eat chicken once a year.

Some of us don’t see a thing without a pair of thick glasses on.

Some of us barely have enough to eat, yet fend for families of six or more.

Some of us don’t even know what a cinema or mall is, let alone visit one.

Some of us want to be the perfect parent, but can’t cause we aborted many years ago and now the babies won’t show up.

Some of us have kids alright, but have them in excess as compared to how to fend for them.

Some of us have awesome IQs, but bad health.

Some of us just don’t like ourselves, no matter how we try.

Some of us, us…humans.

But we all just live in this one earth.

Walking and hoping…seeking answers, finding some.

For one, I have my answers in God.

Be thankful for all that you are now, and pray for all you want tomorrow.

Work, play your part: pray, seek the Answer.

But in all, be thankful…

Cause some of us wanna be like you.