Sometimes, I forget.

The last time I wrote on this blog was a year ago.

It’s funny. No, it’s really funny.

Because the only reason anyone should have a blog is because they want to write in it. Consistently too.

To be fair, this was the case for me once. I had a phone where I would write a list of titles I wanted to write about. The titles ran into pages and pages, because that was all I was thinking about. Writing.

Can you blame me? My biggest problem at the time was whether my crush would like me back, or doing my best to pass MEE 303.

How time flies.

Okay, quick recap.

I opened this blog in 2012. I remember I was doing my IT at the time at Oando Gas and Power, and let’s just say I was a little too free and my only preoccupation was freezing under the AC.

So I decided it was time to make the most of the time.

I created one crappy blog on some platform so complicated, even I forgot the name sometimes. I wrote a couple of poems on there.

Nah. It wasn’t working. So I googled and found WordPress.

And that’s when I made this blog, the version of it I wasn’t paying for.

I was so happy, I would write just about anything, take a deep breath and click ‘post’. It was one of the few things I was grateful for in my life, owning a blog that allowed me be as expressive, yet as vulnerable as I could be.

Photo by Nicole De Khors

I guess my blog’s journey is just like mine in real life. Sometimes I forget just how young and free I used to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not old. I’m currently at the backdoor of my twenties, waiting to get out. But you see, when you’re at the front door, and I can say this for most people, it is just so much easier. There’s still a lot of room in the house to lounge, to eat and snooze and Netflix your life away.

This is not the case at the back door.

Towards the end of my twenties, I have experienced way more darkness than I like to admit. It’s been one crazy journey that has led me up to here, a journey of wins and losses, losses that were so severe I thought I would lose it. There have been diagnoses and breakups and excess flab and excess bone. It has been a really rough rope, folks.

And so I forget, sometimes, just how wonderful my life once was, and just how wonderful it could still always be. Happiness and age have nothing in common, really. It’s perception that is happiness’s friend. I see it now.

So here’s to remembering. That I am at a place in my career that I dreamed of eight years ago. A little behind, but it’s nothing some willpower, selflove and the hand of a mighty One can’t fix.

Here’s to remembering that there is so much life to be lived and love to be had and joy to be found and food to be eaten. Oh, that food part is really important. And money, money to be made.


Now, raise a glass with me, will you?