Song Reviews (New feature)

musicHello beautiful people,

Thank you so much for all the visits, likes and feed backs you have given over time on this blog. The major purpose of this platform is to express, and how boring that’d have been if it was only a one-way thing! Thank you, you know I value you. Yes you! And if you haven’t subscribed yet, subscribe away my friend, and get new posts directly in your mail so it’s easy to read at your convenience; over lunch or just before you shut your pretty lids for the day, or whenever.

This post is basically to inform you about this new feature I have introduced to my blog. It’s the SONG/MUSIC REVIEWS! Whoop Whoop!!

Okay, if you didn’t already know it, I’m a lover of music. No. you don’t understand. I could live in a desert with an eternally charged MP3 player and headphones, and I might not even feel the tiniest scrap of throaty dryness. That’s how bad. You gerrit? Alright.

That said, I’d love to be able to express that side of me on this blog and share it with you all, and i know without a doubt that we’d have a great time together.

I’d be starting with jams from some of my lovely Project fame West Africa alumni, especially the newest ones. Since I claim to love the show so much, the least I can do is review their songs, recommend, maybe share and spread the love, or something like that.

I’d subsequently be doing all sorts, ranging from soul to RnB, to Gospel, to Pop, to Highlife… You wouldn’t wanna miss each one for the following reasons;

  1. First, I like to consider my choice of music very peculiar. You’ve just gotta love it. And since I’m likely to be uploading a number for download, you’d have a repertoire of quality songs on your playlists (at your discretion of course.)

  2. I am a critic. A good one though, not a dark-hued-hearted hating grim-faced critic who’s just out to burst someone’s bubble, but one who is telling things as they are, good, not so good, or needs more work kinda thing. I’m a firm believer in telling the truth in love, and if I think a song is really not worth listening to, I’d say it. Ultimately, all I’m saying is, If you need the truth about any song I choose to review, I’m your girl.wink wink

  3. I think art isn’t complete without the food for the soul, which is allegedly music. Since this blog, aside from it’s already stated purpose, is to promote the arts, I think it has just given any art-lover a new obsession. Hee-haw!!!

  4. Well, erm… numbers 1-3 again. Plus the fact that you’re just awesome like that. =D

So,  I invite you to come along with me on this journey. Of course, I’d still be doing all the other stuff on this blog, but this is just an addition to the family whom you’re gonna love.

Here. We. Go!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂