Talk to me

It’s all over the place
your predicament,that is.
It’s filling every space,
in every ear,it dances.

Very heavy on your heart,
like a yam-filled bag!
Fiercly tearing you apart,
but all you do is nag.

It has weighed you down,
now it aches your spine,
forming a puzzled frown
on your face so fine.

For how long, My darling?

For how long,I ask,
will you keep mute,
and in misery bask
as an untuned lute?

For how long will you wail,
(we both know it can’t help)
and remain so frail,
like a newly born whelp?

I see your tears
but I need your voice.
I know your fears,
but it’s all your choice.

I am always here,
if you will to talk.
Forever near,
just to guard My flock.

Talk to Me,please do.
Bring your burdens now!
I’m He that can help you,
to Me,even mountains bow!

Don’t bear needless pain.
I care, yeah , I truly do.
Come now and again,
and I will see you through. . .