The change we seek



These words are no words of mine

These are no sights for every eye

But of the strong

The voices of men gone along

The very breathe of the wise alone

The yearnings of heroes on their own

Heads bloody, yet not bowed

Voices shaky, but still loud

And this one plea unifies them- C H A N G E!

They! We! The world too weak to speak

Seeks men and women alike

Who will stand for justice

Whose pores ooze out virtue like an orifice


Men of substance

Who live on purpose and not by chance

Who feel the heat but don’t retreat.

Who hear the shots, but don’t run into their huts.

Men! Women!

From every tribe and every land,

Who know their God and remain strong

Who stand for exploits all the day long

And when the menace of ages loom,

These men act, they don’t assume.

Challenging the vices that plague their time.

They are rocks. They are the gold mine.

One step after another, they march

Though long the journey, they do not break ranks.

They! We! Are the change that we seek.