Eyes and Ears

The eyes that see…for not everyone does.

To see is to perceive, to perceive is to recognize, to recognize is to observe, analyze, confirm, ascertain.

For eyes have not seen…

Only the things revealed to you are seen by you. Only what the light falls upon can be seen.

I stand upon my watch to see…

That the eyes of your understanding may be flooded with light…

The seeing eyes, the eyes with sight,

the enlightened eye is the one with light.


The light of love, the light of life, the light of the word, the light of the world.

The ears that hear…, for they that have an ear.

Not every protruding flesh at the head-sides hears. Let me tell you what I’ve heard:

I hear that the word of the Lord is quick and powerful, I hear the voices of such a great cloud of witnesses round and about, urging, imploring…to lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets.

I hear the sound, that sound of an abundance of rain.


The rain of joy, the reign of peace, the reins of temperance. The rain of love, of grace and of glory. Of wisdom. Of strength.

Ears have not heard…

To hear is to hearken to the voice of reason, and wage your war by counsel, to incline your heart to the words of the wise, and bow your ears to understanding from seasoned lips.

The seeing eyes, the hearing ears; it’s the same Lord that made them both.


IfeKleva ’13