The Nigeria of my dreams (modified by Michael Okeyode)

My poem, of the same title, was brilliantly re-written by my dear friend, Michael Okeyode, Such that if you read the first letters of every line downwards, apart from the first line, it’d read ‘THE NIGERIA OF MY DREAMS’. I love it!

Like the yellow sun at early dawn
The beauty of a land newly born
Home of peace and tranquility,
Exiguous of rancour and poverty
Never relenting in grace and dignity
Ideal as a model of serenity
Greeted with scorn its numerous iniquity.

Everywhere, the sick i see smile
Rule of law lasts not just for a while
I see a land that others behold
A mannequin of beauty yet untold
Oh! a land that stays bright at night
For its inhabitants, shock, they have not of light
Majestic is my home, my pride, my might.

Yes! I hear a nation shout with a single voice
Discourse of violence and strife never a choice
Real leaders whose promises are kept
Exceptional citizens who give their very best
All proud of the greatness their nation beams
Misleading as opinions and pessimisms seem
Still, i believe in the Nigeria of my dreams