the sanded garri 1,2,3,4,5…. :)

That is a typical Nollywood movie-title of 2005! They nevered runs out of parts. Them will pieces a simpled storying into tiny tiny bits and pack plentiful adverts inside. Then they will put scaring pictured in the front of the cover so that you will be thinked that the movieng is tough! Mtcheww. .(sic,sic,sic,sic. . .)

Joor o! My Englished is not badding. I am intentional write it like thats. Okayed? Okayed!

So what is a Sanded garri? Gengen! Your heart she’s awredi do gbb-gbb-gbb. This movieng will tough die! Hehe. . .

A sanded garri is a garri that they pour sand insides. It will now be do kran-kran anytime you is eating it. If you goed to a bording schools here,raise your hand! Ok. 1,2,3,. . .58, 74, 220, 571, 715. . .ah! I’m not count again jor. But we are many,so that no somebori will come and said he has not eat garri in their life before. Ehen. So if you have a sanded garri, what does you do?

1. Pour the garri awayed.

Don’t wasting your time crying, the garri have not salvageable again.

2. Be happy. A better garri is on the way. Maybe it even cornflakes, like my friend Dayo say.

3. If a new garri come(or cornflake), guard it jealousness so that somebory will not sand it again.

4. Enjoys your new garri. Don’t grumbled on the one that have go, just enjoyd the one that is alife.

Has a beauriful dayz!

Ok.The long and short of the bombs I’ve been throwing since morning is this(just in case you couldn’t decipher what all the jargon meant); When the going gets tough,only the tough gets going. If you’ve messed up or had a setback, get up,shake it off and step up. Better days are on the way.

With lots of bullet-proof jackets and garri bags,