The virginity question

On virginity, one last time.

I think it’s cool to be a virgin until marriage. And I don’t even mean having your hymen intact. I mean remaining sexually pure, whether or not you have a hymen (whether you have lost it at some point in your life, or you don’t have one at all because you’re male). I think it honors God when you obey him, whether by keeping yourself chaste or by returning extra money a customer mistakenly forgot to collect or by restoring hope to a dying soul. In all things, it is important to honour and obey God.

I would have you know that there is no bigger sin. There are louder sins, the type that when you’re caught doing, no amount of PR will save from becoming a scandal; but all sins still belong to the same faculty and have the same Dean- The SIN. And this is why Jesus came. To deal with the root, the Dean, once and for all, and allow all the students graduate, carryover or nah.

But I digress.

I believe that the motive for keeping yourself a virgin is even more important than being a virgin. I saw a post earlier by Olusola O’sola about how virginity doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage, a cluster of good-looking kids or a spouse that worships the ground you walk on. I also think that virginity for the wrong reasons doesn’t even please God, and might ultimately end up in disappointment.

These are some of the reasons I’ve heard why people remain virgins:

– So their spouses can respect them. To impress, in simpler terms.

– So they can feel better than everyone else. So they can carry shoulders up when morality is the topic in the room. Remind me what Jesus condemned the pharisees for again.

– So their parents would get full bride price when they give them out in marriage.

– So they can avoid getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant in order not to put their local government to shame.

There are many more reasons, and these reasons are not bad in themselves. Most of them are actually lovely, even. But where the yawa will gas is when you appropriate these reasons to pleasing God. No, Mallam, these reasons have nothing to do with God. God isn’t pleased with arrogance, or eye service or self-righteousness. He doesn’t think you’re better than all his non-virgin children. It is his grace that saves us all, and your virginity doesn’t do zilch to help the process. We obey God not because we try to buy salvation, but because we love him. So decide whether your motive is obedience and love for God, or bragging rights.