To Nigerian Dressmakers, with love.

Dear Nigerian Dressmakers,

I understand men look good in suits. Dapper, dashing, sexy some. But, considering where suits originated from, I wonder, are suits the best for our men?

Today, I saw a young man standing under the hot sun after service. Man had on a white shirt, an inner cardigan a different colour, and then a blue jacket and tie. He looked like the sunset and his colour combination was like jollof. But on his forehead was the stream the disciples of Jesus were afraid of drowning in. What I felt for him was compassion, and I had to ask: Unku, who do you laidis?

"who do you laidis?"

“who do you laidis?”

I think our kind of clothes should suit our kind of weather. Have we considered corporate chiffon menswear? Or how about corporate kolapa singlets? It could look great, you know. We just need to be a little more innovative. Imagine how bad the sweat on the part that is seen is, how much more the parts that are unseen.

Dear Nigerian Dressmakers,

Biko do something. Epp our men. Epp all of us.