Tunbi: The smile that won’t go away.

tbbTunbi Akinseye.  I know that guy.

Isn’t he the tall dude that’s best friends with Bill Gates and plays in the big leagues. But of course, we went to school together –which is strange since he claims he went to school with Mr Gates as well. And I keep asking: Tunbi, how old are you? And why do you keep coming back to school as an old man. He smiles self-assuredly and gives me one witty reply that is actually not a reply, and the matter rests, only to be awoken another day.

Well, obviously, Tunbi is a big dreamer.  He is a young man with far sight. Back then in school, Tunbi talked about the things he wanted to do with his life, and it could only make you want to adopt his dreams and make them yours. Is he doing them now? I can confidently tell you he’s well on his way. Lovely young man.

How did I meet him? It was first year. Charis was holding a household retreat at Ede (Charis is the fellowship I attended in school.) It was one of the most fun Christian gatherings I’d ever been at; we were grouped into families and each family was given a creative task to present. His family sang. Now, I really can’t remember if it was him with the croaky voice or not, but I did notice him and two other guys as their heads bopped back and forth to the rhythm of the beat. We started talking a few days later, after our Carol service.  Months later, we’d become best of buddies.

Tunbi graduated before I did because he did a four-year course. The normal thing would be that distance would take its toll on the friendship, you know how life happens. But Tunbi isn’t your average friend. He has committedly fueled the lines of communication. He is that one friend I can trust to still be there in another twenty years, no matter where our paths take us. He’s loyal and faithful and selfless and a blessing. I am grateful for Tunbi.

Did I tell you he read Economics? And that he loves the Lord? And that he never tires of giving gifts? I remember the necklace, Tunbi. You bought it for the three of us (Lola, Toun and myself), and I cherished it with my life. I haven’t forgotten. I won’t forget.

There’s the hangouts too, every semester after exams. The photos; selfies and studio shots. There’s 12 to 2 prayers in 100level. Awesome awesome stuff! And how can I forget penultimate generation team, and how you were my go-to person for just about everything. I haven’t forgotten, my friend. I won’t forget.

Septemeber 25th was your day. And it brought back all the memories we shared. It also brought back the hopes of many more to come. And the opportunity to tell you how amazing I find you to be. As you add another year, I wish you the fulfilment of those big dreams. I wish you joy. I wish you greatness. I wish you influence. I wish you favor with God and man. I wish you peace.

Happy birthday to you, my friend. You’re a big smile on my life’s face. On the world’s face. A smile that won’t go away.