what shall we do today?

We many times are caught of guard when a certain question is asked …

So, Johny suddenly pops the familiar question: ‘Jade, what do you wanna do with your life?’
Then Jade goes, ‘Errr…. something nice, I guess!’


Really? Something nice?

And this is probably the case with Joy, Jude, Janice, Jack, Jill…
They don’t have a clue. Not in the slightest!

So here’s what we’ll do:

We will take into consideration the slightest detail of our life, say, a day. For each day, we will decide how we wanna spend it, or invest into it as the case may be. Do I wanna make money today? Do I wanna be a little more famous than yesterday? Do I wanna get married to the man of my dreams someday? Do I wanna gain some knowledge about art, sharpen my leadership skills, or learn how to cook a particularly sumptuous recipe?

The above are sample questions that will help us determine the what and probably the why for whatever it is we wanna achieve.

Next, we have to determine how we wanna go about it.
If I need to gain more weight, then i must eat better, and rest well today. I must not skip meals or eat junk food. That’s how. And if the goal is to become more knowledgeable, I better be reading something today.

That settled, we must begin to put in the when and where answers to solve the jigsaw.We must allocate time for the things we plan on getting done per day. Believe, that isn’t always a walk in a park. Sometimes, it takes pain to stick to your priority list. It might take letting go of something that used to mean the world to you.For example, if you plan on loosing weight, you have to set time for your meals, and eat less of fatty carbs and the likes. You must set time out to exercise, and a good place for that isn’t a bad idea at all. You must put your heart into it.

Knowing the what, why, how, when and where of your daily goals will cause a tremendous change in your life with time, life will become more purposeful for you and not just a lousy mass of space. You would wake up to an ambition to get something done, and sleep with a healthy sense of achievement that you have added at least a brick to the building of the future.

So that’s what we’ll do. and while we do it, let us choose to love it, for a purposeful life is the best life to be lived.